Goddess Loose Leaf Tea

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The Amber Rose Tea Company sources rare, exotic teas from across the globe and blends them with gold, silver and extraordinary ingredients. Our delectable blends are inspired by Britain’s important tea legacy and the fascinating history of the Ancient Tea Trails...

Although tea and the U.K. have been historically entwined since Catherine of Braganza first introduced tea as a luxury beverage, the truly glamorous aspect of tea has not been fully advanced via a modern, trending tea company. There simply has been no true category innovation within the now vast, global tea industry.

The Amber Rose Tea Company fills this void with dynamic, tea blends featuring gold and silver leaf, entwined with exotic, ancient-sourced and wild-crafted botanicals.

The Precious Metals Collection

Majesty - Signature English Breakfast Black Tea Blend with 23crt Gold Leaf.

A velvety smooth Black tea blend inspired by Kings, riches and jewels, a Royal gift of luxury. This ‘Gold Leaf’ tea features dark fired Malawi selected for its superior flavour blended with the highly prized China Golden Monkey and Golden Needle Teas. Delicately hand laced with opulent 23ct Gold leaf.

Award winning Duchess - Signature Green and Oolong Blend with Bergamot.

A Duchess of English Tea, Amber Rose creates a modern twist to the traditional Earl Grey by using China Green Orchid as the base, adding dark Red Rose buds, Vanilla, Bergamot Orange. This superior blend delights Earl Grey lovers.

Green Secret - Signature Green Tea Blend with Korean Bamboo

An alluring, mild blend of superior White Tipped Chinese Green Teas entwined with naturally growing, hand-harvested Korean Bamboo leaves. With its intoxicating bouquet and shimmering gold-green cup this extraordinary sweet, floral tea elevates your senses.

White Secret - Signature Nepalese White Tea Blend.

A purely elegant blend of rare White Nepalese Sandakphu Spring Tea from the Himalayan mountain village of Jasbire blended with exotic China Green Snow Buds. A delicate, smooth seductively secret blend.

The Four Continents Collection

Tea Trail - Signature Tea Blend with Persian Rose

An outstanding Rose infused black tea blend of Pu-erh, Darjeeling Rose, China Yunnan, Persian Rose and delicate cornflower blossoms. Flavours will caress your senses leaving a long floral finish. Inspired by the Ancient Tea trail from Yunnan, China to Tibet where Pu-erh Tea bricks were once traded for war horses.

Ancient World - Signature Smokey Black Tea Blend with Persian Rose, Turkish Honey, and Jasmine

A smoky blend of Black Malawi, Lapsang Souchong and Green Ginseng Oolong teas magnificently entwined with Persian Roses, Turkish Honey and Jasmine. A truly glorious tea that evokes mystical visions of an Ancient World filled with entrancing colour, flavours and aromas.

Goddess – Black Tea Blend with Passionfruit and Aphrodisiacs

An exotic warming blend of Green and Black teas with Passion fruit, Ginseng, Ginger, Roses and Pink sugar hearts. Captivating flavours, carefully chosen for their natural, sensual, aphrodisiac qualities and intoxicating aromas. This fruity Goddess ‘Love Tea’ captures the heart.

Precious - Japanese Green and White Silver Needle Tea Blend with Spices and Viola

A beautiful Green Tea of Chinese and Japanese Kukicha and Sencha teas entwined with China White Silver Needle, delicate spices and floral Viola. This smooth, elegant blend captures the serenity and beauty of the Japanese ‘ART’ of tea.

Champagne MaharIni - Darjeeling and Nepalese Afternoon Black Tea

A mystical black tea blend from the high altitudes of the Himalayan Mountains. This 2nd flush Darjeeling, known as the Champagne of Teas, has been selected for its natural Muscatel flavours. We blend it with a superior Nepalese leaf tea to create the ultimate “Champagne” of Teas. Compare to a wonderful French sparkling wine.

Catherine - Black Tea Blend with Chocolate, Raspberry and Cream Caramel

An indulgent blend of Black and Dark Pearl Oolong Teas, Chocolate, Raspberry and Cream Caramel. A tribute to Catherine of Braganza, the Portuguese Princess who first introduced the tradition of Afternoon Tea to Great Britain... a ladies ’delight.

Painted Lady – Thai Green Tea Blend with Exotic fruits

An eclectic blend of Green Teas from three very different parts of the world: Rwanda, Thailand and Ceylon. We expertly blend Gojiberry, Physalis and Strawberry to create a rich experience of world flavours... reminiscent of Candied Apple.